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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Panduan Buat Pengguna TRAIN

Kepada mereka yg nak tau laluan TRAIN kt KL nii.. Inilah dia :

Kalo nak yg lebih tepat pergi laa kat link niii : Map of Integrated Rail

Extra Info

The LRT System in KL is operated by a single transportation entity known as RapidKL. The transportation company is actually running an integrated Bus & LRT services for the city and the Klang Valley area. KL and its suburbs are referred to collectively as the Klang Valley. The LRT services in the Klang Valley are run on two main lines namely the Kelana Jaya Line (previously known as PUTRA LRT) and Ampang Line (known before as STAR LRT). 

The Kelana Jaya Line is operated on a driverless system. The line runs from Kelana Jaya in the west to Gombak in the east. Most sections of the line are elevated except at the central business district where the line runs underground after the Central Market and surfaces after the Ampang Park station. There are five underground stations namely Masjid Jamek, Dang Wangi, Kampung Baru, KLCC and Ampang Park.

Trains on the Ampang Line on the other hand are manned. The line runs on the south to north grid. Tracks are on elevated structures in the city and on the surface in the suburbs. They are actually two lines on this system, one is from Ampang in the south east of the city while the other is from Sri Petaling in the south west, merging into a single alignment at Chan Sow Lin station. Chan Sow Lin is also an interchange station. The merged line terminates at Sentul Timur station in the north with 10 stops within the city centre. You are therefore not required to change train getting into the city from either of these stations. My advice is that if you are heading out of the city on the southbound trains, please lookout for the right train to board to avoid all the hassles of switching trains at the Chan Sow Lin interchange. All southbound trains have their respective destinations displayed as either Ampang or Sri Petaling.
Updated Jul 19, 2009
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